Entertainment Enthusiast, Gaming Guru, Comedy & Cannabis Connoisseur, spiritual guide, shamanic healer...sort of. All I have ever wanted to do was share my comedy with the world, let people behind the curtain and into the madhouse. I love gadgets, tech, scifi, science, anime, I love it all! I am also a huge believer in medical marijuana and for good reason. I am currently on disability due to a severe injury I sustained several years ago. That injury led me down a dark road of pain killers and serious health issues. I have also been diagnosed with severe anxiety. Maybe thats why I prefer to stay in the studio communicating via podcast and social media. I hope to help educate people about medical marijuana so I will do a biweekly review of several Medical Marijuana strains from local dispensaries on the show to update and educate people on the uses and benefits of the various types of cannabis available. I hope you come in a give it a listen just remember...were all a little mad here.
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Welcome to my Blog/Podcast Webpage

I am your average procrastinating entertainment enthusiast, gaming guru, comedy connoisseur, spiritual guide, shamanic healer...sort of fuck I don't know at this point.  This podcast is about my life and whats on my mind and believe me that can take us anywhere from Hardcore Gaming to the meaning of life to whats on Hulu.  I will do a bi-weekly review of a Medical Marijuana strain from one of the various local dispensaries to update and educate people on the use and benefits of the different types of medicinal cannabis available.

Dec 25, 2015
GNFpodcast - Episode 41

Saturnalia: The shady Origins of Christmas past

Merry Christmas everyone!  Lets light up and talk about where Christmas really fucking comes from!  It's some crazy shit but you'll find out soon enough.  GNF is back on Itunes so subscribe and if you feel like leaving a comment do it, if not it's cool.


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Dec 20, 2015
GNFpodcast - Episode 40

Hello everyone welcome to another podcast, the 40th podcast!  Holy shit...  Well we celebrate by heading to the amazing City of Trees Smokeout in Sacramento!  I had a great time, we came up with a ton of toys for UC Davis!  Huge shout out to BossLady Edibles and J & J concentrates and last but not least Chameleon Glass for making the toy drive possible!  Thank you!  The show is back on itunes so please subscribe, rate, and review if you feel like doing so because it helps me out fam!  Stay Lifted, see you next week.  

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Dec 11, 2015
GNFpodcast - Episode 39

Warning!  This podcast was recorded on my birthday as such there is very little rhyme or reason behind this episode.  I hope you'll all join me for a nice smoke out and get a laugh out of the absurdity that takes place!  Please take a minute to head over to and use code GNF10 to save 10%


Don't forget to add @sacramentostoner and @cityoftreessmokeout on Instagram and come down to the Event on Dec 19th! 

Dec 4, 2015
GNFpodcast - Episode 38

Welcome to another episode of Going Nowhere Fast!  This week I talk about my adventures down at the City of Trees Smokeout session down in Sacramento.  I had so much fun down there I decided to go back down to the next event on Dec 19th!  Make sure you come down and say hi, I'll be recording a podcast live from the event and not just that,  I'll be handing out early Xmas presents from our amazing friends over at Chameleon Glass!  All you have to do is add Cityoftreessmokeout on Instagram and send your prop 215 script and pic of ID to get on the list!

I also talk about some of the crazy shit going on around the world right now in the news, and last but not least, we smoke up a super fat joint of SFV and a few dabs of 9lb hammer from relax_extracts and some bomb orange romulan from TACE (turn and cough extracts)  

Hope everyone is able to make it out to the next event on the 19th but if youre not able to then you can head over and check out our friends at and treat yourself or a loved one to a fantastic holiday gift that keeps on giving and remember puff puff pass! 

Nov 27, 2015
GNFpodcast Episode - 37

Whats up everyone?  I know I said there would be no new podcast but...I lied.  Instead of no podcast I switched up the format and thought I'd share a great live performance from Tame Impala playing their asses off so hopefully you enjoy!  

Head over and check out our friends at and treat yourself or a loved one to a fantastic holiday gift that keeps on giving and remember puff puff pass! 

Nov 20, 2015
GNFpodcast - Episode 36

Welcome to another episode of GNFpodcast!  Hope you guys are all set up for an early morning Friday smoke sesh with me.  I talk about all sorts of shit in this one so its best to just strap in load up and get lit!  We're Going Nowhere Fast!

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Nov 13, 2015
GNFpodcast - Episode 35

Welcome to another episode of Going Nowhere Fast!

Today we're smoking some radioactive darkstar dank down in vault 111 and having a good time!  Im joined by future gaming Dev Jon and we shoot the shit about whats going on in the industry.  Props to Jason on this fine friday the 13th!  We close out with the fact the Doctor is the shit.  Stay lifted!

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Nov 6, 2015
GNFpodcast Episode - 34

Welcome to another episode of Going Nowhere Fast! 

This week I talk about some of the changes on the marijuana front!  Go go Bernie with your bad self trying to end prohibition on a federal level!  I bitch about some stuff bothering me!  We see the Force come out strong for Daniel and talk about some upcoming Cinema!  Plus I smoke out with you to some new music I came across!  Enjoy! 


Please take a minute to head over to our friends at for all your glass needs! 

Oct 30, 2015
GNFpodcast Episode 33 - Psychosis

Welcome to another Episode of Going Nowhere Fast!  This week as Halloween approaches I thought I would do something a little different and try something fun for a special eerie episode.  So today the podcast will be me reading/performing a favorite creepy story of mine called Psychosis...Enjoy!  

Please visit our friends over at and use code GNF10 to save 10%  This week we were lucky enough to get some fire cookies and some blueberry shatter for the show and I've been hitting the Dalek Oiler all morning!  See you next Friday!

Oct 23, 2015
GNFpodcast episode 32 - Let it grow!

 Welcome to another episode of Going Nowhere Fast!  This week I was finally able to get my lifelong buddy Jerry on the program to give you new growers some tips on how to get started and what to watch out for as far as mistakes!  I also start the episode of with a chill smoke session to some new music from Honey Honey.  Hope you all enjoy the podcast.  There is a small amount of distortion but it is only brief and happens seldomly it was just bad reception as we had to skype since he was unable to make it in.  

Please take a minute to head over to our friends at for all your glass needs! Enter code GNF10 and save 10%

Oct 16, 2015
GNFpodcast - Episode 31 - Lets Smoke

 Welcome to another episode of Going Nowhere Fast!

I talk a little bit of cannabis news and current events as well as decide to have a virtual online smoke session that I hope you all participate in!

I've been really busy this month with everything coming at me at once but have a bunch of great episodes set up for next month!  So thanks for listening and hope you have a great weekend!

Please take a minute to head over to our friends at for all your glass needs! 

Oct 9, 2015
GNFpodcast - Episode 30

It's Friday, which means it's time to wake and bake and listen to a new episode of Going Nowhere Fast!  I'd appreciate it if you could visit my buddies over at use the code GNF10 to save 10%


On todays show I take a look back at History and correct some of the bullshit were taught at an early age.  I was joined by long time friend and previous guest the mad Piper.  We had a good time and I hope you all do as well!  Light up & stay lit!

Oct 2, 2015
GNFpodcast Episode 29 - Wake n Bake

 Welcome to another episode of Going Nowhere Fast!

I talk a little bit of cannabis news and space talk.  Also what's coming up in the next few weeks on the podcast.  

Please take a minute to head over to our friends at for all your glass needs!

Sep 25, 2015
GNFpodcast - Wake N Bake

Just a small announcement wake and bake session here on GNFpodcast today!  Hope you all have a great week and I'll see you next Friday for a new full episode you dont want to miss!  Until then why not check out and pick up a new piece

Sep 18, 2015
GNFpodcast - Episode 27

Welcome to another episode of Going Nowhere Fast!  This podcast is a special one for me because we discuss the Doctor!  Thats right the Doctor is in!  With season 9 about to start I invited my friend and creator of Multitap podcast Justin to come over and get his badwolf on.  We managed to get some whovian discussion going but also managed to veer in seven different ways at once.  I know I had a great time and hope you enjoy me making an idiot out of myself for your amusement...not really it was for me!  I regret nothing!  Also make sure you head over to our friends at Chameleon Glass by clicking the link and use the code GNF10 for 10 % off!

Sep 11, 2015
Going Nowhere Fast - Episode 26

Its Friday and here we are again!  Thanks for checking out this weeks episode.  Today I give a updated review on Gaia Express after a very negative experience.  I talk about some crazy science a little bit of cannabis news and whats coming up in the next few weeks on the podcast.  

Please take a minute to head over to our friends at for all your glass needs! 


Follow me on IG @GNFpodcast 

& Twitter @primetimeguru

Sep 4, 2015
GNFpodcast - Episode 25 - Free Weed!

This episode is brought to you by Chameleon Glass!  Make sure you head over and check out all the heady glass theyve got for sale!  Made in the USA!  


On the podcast this week FREE WEED!  I picked up some great concentrates from Serenity Farms Inc.  it was delicious, you can see pictures on my IG at GNFpodcast.


I also go over what to expect on the next few shows!  Also I have a conversation with my good buddy Paul with a surprise Bday call to discuss zombies and Anime!  


If you're in Sacramento you need to check out cityoftreessmokeout on IG  and youtube! Sacramento dab and flower bar every Friday with a $15 admission!  Free dabs and flowers!

Aug 28, 2015
GNFpodcast -24  Coffee & Weed

This week I talk about whats going on around the world this week, smoke some cannabis and enjoy my coffee.  Join me?

Some notes about the show:

"Fighting for Freedom" is a documentary film telling the powerful story of Justin Wren, professional MMA fighter (former UFC fighter) turned Big Pygmy brother, fighting for the freedom of the Pygmies in the Congo.


A human, dog mom, hashtag creator & host, writer of things on sticky notes, content contributor for many sites, social media consultant for companies, social media marketing and above all  👉 Social Media Junkie . It makes the world fun.

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Aug 21, 2015
Going Nowhere Fast Podcast - Episode 23

This weeks episode is brought to you by Real People, Real Innovation ONLY made in the USA!  & by the only quartz infused cermaic enail made for taste and smoothness! 


This week I finally got my old buddy Steve from up in the great white beyond to the north eh!  We talk about whats going on with the world today and how smoking cannabis just improves everything!  This week I torch up some flame GSC wax and some beautiful og kush from Gaia Express make sure you check them out if you're in the Sacramento area!  Hope you enjoy the show be sure to add me on IG @GNFpodcast and on twitter @primetimeguru and you can always email the show at

Aug 14, 2015
GNFpodcast Episode - 22

In todays podcast I talk about medical marijuana and parenting a bit, and dive into the war on drugs and smoke some fire weed from Gaia Express!

Check out the Khalifa Kush I was smoking this week from 916 collective/delivery service Gaia Express!  or on weedmaps HERE!

I'll add more show notes later if you want to know what happens you'll just have to listen.

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Aug 7, 2015
Going Nowhere Fast Podcast

Shatter dabs standing by,we can get twice as high,take a toke,it's so flame you'll choke, Going Nowhere Fast show! 

today's new #GNFpodcast with my pal @BreezyPuffs we talk about heady shit from @chameleonusa and Hashtag Games! 


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 The ultimate 420 monthly service that ships you amazing themed mystery boxes full of essentials + stoney gear for less than $20! 18+ to join.


California: First Initiative Filed to Legalize Marijuana in 2016

It is officially Go time for marijuana activists in California. Last week, a proposal entitled the “California Craft Cannabis Initiative” was filed in hopes of legalizing recreational marijuana in 2016. Once the language is approved, supporters will have 180 days to collect the required signatures necessary, approximately 585,407, in order to earn a spot on the ballot in the November 2016 election.

Another measure, the “Compassionate and Sensible Access Act” was also filed in an attempt to strengthen the state’s long-running medical marijuana program. The proposal seeks to simply protect a physician’s right to provide recommendations for the herb, in addition to limiting the regulatory influence of state officials.

Medical Marijuana Pot clubs turning to delivery With feds threatening storefronts, couriers become alternatives

 This Girl's Incredible Change After Seven Days Of Medical Cannabis Treatment Will Warm Your Soul 

  Texas Jury Sides With Marijuana Grower Who Killed A SWAT Cop in No-Knock Raid …

Jul 31, 2015
Full Melt Friday GNFpodcast - Episode (4)20

*NEW EPISODE* It's Full Melt Friday so Im ready to take some dabs and shoot the shit with you all this week!  I talk about three of my favorite cannabis strains going around right now and where you can get them! I smoke a couple of joints and do a monster fat dab off the cheshire McCoys Oiler rig off out lovely! ...youll hear it!  Talk about the Going Nowhere Fast Podcast YouTube channel (please subscribe) and some of whats coming up in the future!  I got so high I drifted off a little bit into some deep thoughts and would love to hear back from you all!  What do you think of the podcast so far?  Where would you like to see it headed?  Thanks for all of the support you can subscribe to the rss feed here at follow me on IG @GNFpodcast and on twitter @primetimeguru!  

Jul 25, 2015
Going Nowhere Fast - EPIC STONER MOVIE LIST!!!

The truth?  Can you handle the truth?  I think you can and the truth is I'm a sucker for good and bad films.  High budget or low budget to me a good movie is something that entertains!  What are your favorites?  Let me know on twitter @primetimeguru  IG GNFpodcast  YouTube Going Nowhere Fast

 I am way too high to be doing these show notes so I'll leave you with this: Grab your cannabis, grab your daily driver, lighter check!  Turn it up and kick back get lifted now you're going nowhere fast.

Jul 17, 2015
GNFpodcast Episode - 18




Whats up everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful Friday!  Today I thought I would mix things up and break from the normal format and do a special episode about some of my favorite songs involving or about Cannabis!  Some of these go way back!  Some are new!  All of them are great in their own way so I hope you hear something you enjoy and it hasnt been a complete waste of your time.  So spark up and get lifted to some great music and comedy we're going nowhere fast!

Jul 10, 2015
710 & DAB Etiquette - the Gentleman Stoner

Its 710 thats DAB day if you didn't see 710 is OIL upside down!  So grab a rig and load a fat glob, turn it up and kick back!  

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