Entertainment Enthusiast, Gaming Guru, Comedy & Cannabis Connoisseur, spiritual guide, shamanic healer...sort of. All I have ever wanted to do was share my comedy with the world, let people behind the curtain and into the madhouse. I love gadgets, tech, scifi, science, anime, I love it all! I am also a huge believer in medical marijuana and for good reason. I am currently on disability due to a severe injury I sustained several years ago. That injury led me down a dark road of pain killers and serious health issues. I have also been diagnosed with severe anxiety. Maybe thats why I prefer to stay in the studio communicating via podcast and social media. I hope to help educate people about medical marijuana so I will do a biweekly review of several Medical Marijuana strains from local dispensaries on the show to update and educate people on the uses and benefits of the various types of cannabis available. I hope you come in a give it a listen just remember...were all a little mad here.
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Welcome to my Blog/Podcast Webpage

I am your average procrastinating entertainment enthusiast, gaming guru, comedy connoisseur, spiritual guide, shamanic healer...sort of fuck I don't know at this point.  This podcast is about my life and whats on my mind and believe me that can take us anywhere from Hardcore Gaming to the meaning of life to whats on Hulu.  I will do a bi-weekly review of a Medical Marijuana strain from one of the various local dispensaries to update and educate people on the use and benefits of the different types of medicinal cannabis available.

Jan 29, 2016
GNFpodcast - Episode 46

Welcome to another episode of Going Nowhere Fast!

We're going to smoke some fire Cannabis & pregame for tonights City of Trees Smokeout session down in Sacramento.  Be sure to add @cityoftreessmokeout on IG and send your prop 215 rec and ID in a msg to get on the list!

We talk about how badass mankind really is and whats going on with the Cosmos.  Plus wtf is going on in the news this week!

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Jan 22, 2016
GNFpodcast - Episode 45

Whats up my friends it is Friday and that means it's another episode of Going Nowhere Fast!  This week it's all Endocannabinoid all the time plus some Sacramento night life news!  I throw down a virtual smoke session and talk about one of my most intense psychedelic experiences.  

For City of Trees Smokeout contact @sacramentostoner or @cityoftreessmokeout on Instagram to get the location & on the list!

Here is a link to my buddy MK_Ultra's Blunt Reviews 

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Jan 15, 2016
GNFpodcast - Episode 44

Keeping the notes short on this one!  I wanted to talk about some interesting opinions on how we perceive life and death and then I head out to another city of trees even in Sacramento to see where all the good is at this month!

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all the credit for bringing us closer to Jeff Goldbloom goes to the warp zone! 

Jan 8, 2016
GNFpodcast - Episode  43

Welcome to another episode of Going Nowhere Fast! I talk a little bit of California Cannabis news, some time travel discussion, and what's going on around the world that made the internet right now!

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Jan 1, 2016
GNFpodcast - Episode 42

Happy New Years everyone!  This week I wrap up 2015 with where we are in the wonderful world of Marijuana legislation, and where we go from here!

Then we dump the negative with a cannabis friendly meditation sesh with my buddys from the power thought club on youtube.

I tell you about some interesting facts I learned that sound like bullshit but are 100% true!  Then we talk about some interesting and mysterious places that science can't explain!

I was quite lit myself smoking on some wonderful white buffalo from Mendos Meds!  Add me on IG @GNFpodcast to see it for yourself! 

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As always leave a comment if you feel like it stay lifted!