Entertainment Enthusiast, Gaming Guru, Comedy & Cannabis Connoisseur, spiritual guide, shamanic healer...sort of. All I have ever wanted to do was share my comedy with the world, let people behind the curtain and into the madhouse. I love gadgets, tech, scifi, science, anime, I love it all! I am also a huge believer in medical marijuana and for good reason. I am currently on disability due to a severe injury I sustained several years ago. That injury led me down a dark road of pain killers and serious health issues. I have also been diagnosed with severe anxiety. Maybe thats why I prefer to stay in the studio communicating via podcast and social media. I hope to help educate people about medical marijuana so I will do a biweekly review of several Medical Marijuana strains from local dispensaries on the show to update and educate people on the uses and benefits of the various types of cannabis available. I hope you come in a give it a listen just remember...were all a little mad here.
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Welcome to my Blog/Podcast Webpage

I am your average procrastinating entertainment enthusiast, gaming guru, comedy connoisseur, spiritual guide, shamanic healer...sort of fuck I don't know at this point.  This podcast is about my life and whats on my mind and believe me that can take us anywhere from Hardcore Gaming to the meaning of life to whats on Hulu.  I will do a bi-weekly review of a Medical Marijuana strain from one of the various local dispensaries to update and educate people on the use and benefits of the different types of medicinal cannabis available.

Aug 7, 2015
Going Nowhere Fast Podcast

Shatter dabs standing by,we can get twice as high,take a toke,it's so flame you'll choke, Going Nowhere Fast show! 

today's new #GNFpodcast with my pal @BreezyPuffs we talk about heady shit from @chameleonusa and Hashtag Games! 


Check out for all the glass you heard us talk about!  Don’t forget to subscribe to

 The ultimate 420 monthly service that ships you amazing themed mystery boxes full of essentials + stoney gear for less than $20! 18+ to join.


California: First Initiative Filed to Legalize Marijuana in 2016

It is officially Go time for marijuana activists in California. Last week, a proposal entitled the “California Craft Cannabis Initiative” was filed in hopes of legalizing recreational marijuana in 2016. Once the language is approved, supporters will have 180 days to collect the required signatures necessary, approximately 585,407, in order to earn a spot on the ballot in the November 2016 election.

Another measure, the “Compassionate and Sensible Access Act” was also filed in an attempt to strengthen the state’s long-running medical marijuana program. The proposal seeks to simply protect a physician’s right to provide recommendations for the herb, in addition to limiting the regulatory influence of state officials.

Medical Marijuana Pot clubs turning to delivery With feds threatening storefronts, couriers become alternatives

 This Girl's Incredible Change After Seven Days Of Medical Cannabis Treatment Will Warm Your Soul 

  Texas Jury Sides With Marijuana Grower Who Killed A SWAT Cop in No-Knock Raid …

Jul 31, 2015
Full Melt Friday GNFpodcast - Episode (4)20

*NEW EPISODE* It's Full Melt Friday so Im ready to take some dabs and shoot the shit with you all this week!  I talk about three of my favorite cannabis strains going around right now and where you can get them! I smoke a couple of joints and do a monster fat dab off the cheshire McCoys Oiler rig off out lovely! ...youll hear it!  Talk about the Going Nowhere Fast Podcast YouTube channel (please subscribe) and some of whats coming up in the future!  I got so high I drifted off a little bit into some deep thoughts and would love to hear back from you all!  What do you think of the podcast so far?  Where would you like to see it headed?  Thanks for all of the support you can subscribe to the rss feed here at follow me on IG @GNFpodcast and on twitter @primetimeguru!  

Jul 25, 2015
Going Nowhere Fast - EPIC STONER MOVIE LIST!!!

The truth?  Can you handle the truth?  I think you can and the truth is I'm a sucker for good and bad films.  High budget or low budget to me a good movie is something that entertains!  What are your favorites?  Let me know on twitter @primetimeguru  IG GNFpodcast  YouTube Going Nowhere Fast

 I am way too high to be doing these show notes so I'll leave you with this: Grab your cannabis, grab your daily driver, lighter check!  Turn it up and kick back get lifted now you're going nowhere fast.

Jul 17, 2015
GNFpodcast Episode - 18




Whats up everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful Friday!  Today I thought I would mix things up and break from the normal format and do a special episode about some of my favorite songs involving or about Cannabis!  Some of these go way back!  Some are new!  All of them are great in their own way so I hope you hear something you enjoy and it hasnt been a complete waste of your time.  So spark up and get lifted to some great music and comedy we're going nowhere fast!

Jul 10, 2015
710 & DAB Etiquette - the Gentleman Stoner

Its 710 thats DAB day if you didn't see 710 is OIL upside down!  So grab a rig and load a fat glob, turn it up and kick back!  

Jul 4, 2015
GNFpodcast episode 16 - AI and missing Eskimos

This week we talk about some interesting topics such as AI, Aliens, String Theory...and missing Eskimos!  Plus some National Gay love and Cannabis news! is the fantastic song from College Humor

check out the new IG   GNFpodcast 

and YouTube Channel  Going Nowhere Fast

Jun 26, 2015
GOLD LEAF VIP Cannabis, dab rigs, and extracts... oh my on today's podcast!

Going Nowhere Fast Podcast was off to the 2015 Norcal High Times Cannabis Cup and life is good!  First stop was the amazing Vader Extracts booth...I love star wars and the little Enail droids stole the show!  I decided it was time to see what the VIP area was all about. Greeted by security and ushered into the lush super VIP area was like being magically transported to a Cannabis wonderland! Walking around for hours and taking dabs, getting massages, and medibles all day is hard work but someone had to do it!  All in all I'd say we had a brilliant time and I can't wait to go back! 

Jun 19, 2015
Getting High & Going Nowhere Fast!

All kinds of updates on todays *NEW*  Words of  Headed down to   Please Sub to the new *GNF YouTube* Thanks!

Jun 12, 2015
GNF Podcast #13 With Guest @Breezypuffs

NEW so grab your shit and wake and bake with and I on

Jun 5, 2015
Going Nowhere Fast #12 maybe...13

Happy Friday Lets get High Day!  This week we slow things down and get a little funky with RICK JAMES BITCH!  We spend some intimate time together with a virtual smoke session.  I give a rundown on some kick ass summer activities you should check out and High Times top ten reasons to get high right now!  I talk a bit about what to expect over the next few weeks including guest @Breezypuffs from @HashtagShenani, @Hashtagroundup, and Cannabis Cup June 20th!  If you enjoy please share!

brought to you by 

May 30, 2015
Going Nowhere Fast with Piper!

So on todays show I got a nice break in call on skype while recording the episode and decided he would stay as a guest without asking!  We talk Movies, games, sexy underwear, horror and Cannabis Cup!  Just listen to it already and share if you would be so kind!

May 22, 2015
Going Nowhere Fast Episode #10

This week I talk about the new real Bionic man, Aliens revisited, testicle eating monkeys, Pirate bay news, and some WTF news that will make you cringe and one that will blow your mind.  I also review some great medical cannabis from Moms meds and name my favorite strain of the year so more!

May 15, 2015
Mendo's Majestic Meds Make me Happy!

Hello my friends this week we got ahold of some fire meds from Mendo's and got trippy!  I talk about the strangest book in the world a straw that gets water from poop and some TV, anime, and movies find there way in to the podcast.  We finish off with a funny song about how addicted we all are to our phones!

May 8, 2015
Going Nowhere Fast Episode #8

Space clouds, solar power, mdma, cocaine in your granola, TV & Movies plus some weed!  That sums up this week in review!  We talk about some interesting shit Elon Musk new solar power batteries can save the world!  Nature Valley is a G and TV entertainment is on fire right now plus we talk weed and listen to some music!

May 1, 2015
Going Nowhere Fast Episode #7

This week I talk about cartoons being racist or is it just me?  I also check on The Werc Shop and DR Jeffrey Raber and his study from 2013 on if all strain names are bullshit and a better way to catagorize different strains for medical use...turns out he has some trouble on his hands!  I talk a little bit about some new clubs coming to town and another passion in my life, Gaming!  Grab some smoke, get cozy, turn up the volume and kick back were going nowhere fast!

Apr 24, 2015
Green Achers is the place to be

Like the title says Green Achers Patients Alliance is the place to be!

 This week I review all kinds of bud from my friends at Green Achers and determine a top 3!  

I Tell a story as old as time the struggle of life and death between man and beast!  

We bring it to an end with Fun Good Time Friday a musical portion of the show.  I hope you all enjoy and encourage you to comment and question...  I love the feedback!  

Remember to check out and download the Periscope app from twitter inc and follow me on there as well.

This podcast is sponsored by Chameleon Glass a family owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of high quality glass smoking accessories, designed and manufactured by some of the most talented glass blowers in the United States

as always we appreciate all donations and sincerely appreciate all the local support from friends and family and the fans and look forward to starting our video podcast  and youtube channel videos and events.

Apr 22, 2015
Green Achers is the place to be!

Holy shit mmmmhmmm this week we had some straight fire donated to us at Going Nowhere Fast from a sick little collective delivery service in the Sacramento area Green Achers Patients Alliance!  I love the play on words but even more than their sense of humor I loved their medicine and im going to tell you all about it on this weeks Procrastination Nation couch lock strain review hour so get your smoke, get your tools, grab your friends, turn the podcast up and lets get lifted cause you're Going Nowhere FAST!

Apr 20, 2015
420 Special Announcements

Hey everyone 4/20 is upon us all and we must be ready!  This is for all you procrastinators, a last minute update on whats going down across the usa for 4/20!!!  Once again thanks for listening and please share if you enjoy! 




Apr. 17: Cannabliss Music Festival; Melbourne, FL

Apr. 18-19: 420 Rally; Civic Center, Denver, CO (Rick Ross headlining on 4/19)

Apr. 19: Festival 64; The 1up Colfax, Denver, CO

Apr. 18-20: Sweetwater 420 Fest; Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, GA

Apr. 20: Smokeout Vancouver; Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Apr. 20: 420 Toronto 2015: Dundas Square, Toronto, ON

Apr. 20: Orange County NORML 4/20 Fundraiser; Giovanni’s Pizza, Fullerton, CA

Apr. 20: 420Fest; Factory Luxe, Seattle, WA

Apr. 20: Culture Magazine 420 Party; Malone’s Bar & Grill, Santa Ana, CA

Apr. 20: 420 Festival 2015; Infinity’s End, Charlotte, NC (three store locations)

Apr. 20: 12th Annual SeedleSs 420 Party; House of Blues, San Diego, CA

Apr. 20: Ventura 420 Fest; Crave, Ventura, CA (benefit for ASA)

Apr. 25: The 420 Festival; High Desert Event Center, Victorville, CA

Music (12)

Apr. 17-18, 20: Berner; The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA

Apr. 18: Barrington Levy; Casselman’s, Denver, CO

Apr. 18: SOJA, Nas and JBoog; Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO

Apr. 18: CloneAPalooza’s 420 Smoker Tour; Studio Seven, Seattle, WA

Apr. 18: Indy Mojo’s 420 Tent Party; Mousetrap Bar & Grill; Indianapolis, IN

Apr. 19: The Smokers Club 2nd Annual 4/20 Show; Terminal 5, New York, NY

Apr. 19-20: Method Man & Redman, Cypress Hill, Collie Buddz and more; Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom, Denver, CO

Apr. 20: Snoop Dogg‘s 2nd Annual Wellness Retreat, featuring 2 Chainz and A$AP Rocky; Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre, Englewood, CO

Apr. 20: Kottonmouth Kings; Senator Theater, Chico, CA

Apr. 20: Xhibit and Mack 10; City of Angels Boxing, Los Angeles, CA

Apr. 20: Infected Mushroom; Revolution Concert House, Garden City, ID

Apr. 20: Wacka Flocka Flame; Webster Hall, NY

Comedy (5)

Apr. 17: Joe Rogan; Manhattan Center, New York, NY

Apr. 18: Bill Maher; Hult Center, Eugene, OR

Apr. 18-19: Doug Benson; Cobb’s Comedy Club, San Francisco, CA

Apr. 19: Bill Maher; Civic Auditorium, Santa Cruz, CA


Apr. 20: Doug Benson; Comedy Works, Denver, CO


Apr 17, 2015

We get a little weird as 4/20 sneeks up on us all!  This week I have the Empress of Hashtag Shenanagins from twitter @Breezypuffs and we talk everything 4/20!  Check out the new Periscope app by twitter and also introduce WeedHorn the first all marijuana based news and events website for medical and recreational users!  Once again this podcast is brought to you by Chameleon Glass!  Check them out at or on twitter @chameleonusa and thanks for listening please share!

Apr 10, 2015
Welcome to the Danger Zone!

Going nowhere fast episode #4

I hate corrupt cops and lunchroom crime but love crazy Italian combat style rugby and good Cannabis!  This week I review some strains from Serenity Farms Inc and bitch about things beyond my control...  I also talk about everyones favorite upcoming High-liday 4/20 and some sweet contests you can win serious swag from!  So sit back, spark up, raise a glass, roll a whatever gets you in the mood cause you're going nowhere fast!

Apr 3, 2015
New episode of GNWF podcast with guest Ken Kulow from Chameleon Glass

Welcome to the procrastination nation!  This is episode #2 of Going Nowhere Fast with me @primetimeguru from twitter and my guest owner of Chameleon Glass the best american made glass pipes and bongs and rigs oh my!  I talk about Biohackers my midlife crisis and everything glass in this episode!

Mar 27, 2015
Accidents Happen

Greetings fellow procrastinators I managed to put up another episode sadly my guest Ken Kulow was not able to make it today but will be joining us next week instead.  I talk about some recent Marijuana news as well as an introductory to Indica my favorite classification of Cannabis and I tell you the tale of how I destroyed my back and shoulder falling from a building into a pool of acid!

Mar 21, 2015
Holy Shit, AUDIO FILE!

Can you believe it the Studio is set up and recordings have started once again!  This is more of an introduction than full episode but I hope you enjoy!  Be sure to sign up to the rss feed for new episodes and check back here and on Twitter for announcements, contests, prizes! 

Mar 5, 2015
It's coming...I promise

Hi fellow procrastinators I've got so much to rant about and very limited time to do it!  I've been slightly off my game the last few weeks due to my health and anxiety issues but I'm doing ok now and am still super excited to get this podcast under way.  I am waiting for my new audio technica mic to arrive which will complete my home studio and were off to the races!  I have my first guest lined up Ken Kulow from  The USA's leading glass pipe manufacturing company and friend of the show will be here to discuss all you ever wanted to know about smoking with glass and pipemaking in general and how it has been impacted by the medical marijuana industry.  I'll be reviewing a strain I picked up from Mendo's Meds delivery and last but not least we will play a game or two. Please feel free to comment and share!  Send messages to me on twitter @primetimeguru

Feb 23, 2015
Bells and Whistles

I've been busy setting up the new studio in my house and loving every minute of it.  It seems like things have been in the works for so long and now everything has finally fallen into place and I am almost ready to launch!  I am going to be setting up a telephone line for you to call in and leave questions or comments for me.

I really would like to thank everyone that has been involved, without all the support none of this would've happened as smoothly as it did.  I am looking forward to our weekly exchange and hope and encourage you all to get involved with the show on this blog as well as twitter @primetimeguru

I will also be posting video footage of me recording the show on my blog and possibly youtube channel so like I said check back on my blog or twitter for updates, annoucements, and show notes.  There will also be some fun games with valuable prizes!  Big money NO whammy!

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